Aaron's PC Tech Support Project for Windows. 

Why does this site exist? I have always been asked by friends and family to help fix their computers.  As you have probably learned, there is frequently no such thing as a quick fix when it comes to Microsoft Windows.  I would often go to someone's house intending to spend 30-45 minutes on their PC, and wind up spending 90-180 minutes working on it.  This site primarily serves as a gateway to deliver remote technical support services.  [Now I can work on your machines without having to worry about the kids. ;-)  ]

I have been using Microsoft operating systems since 1994.   As the de facto tech support guy in my previous employs, before there were such things as Information Technology (IT) departments, I had to hack my way through MS DOS 5.0/6.0, Windows for Workgroups 3.1 and the various Windows 9x versions and NT/2000.  Back then there were a lot of us... we were called Power Users by all of the certified IT guys; we had all of the know-how and none of the authority.  Anyway, I now work primarily with Windows XP Professional and Windows 7; if you are using Vista... tsk tsk tsk.  I heartily recommend you move on to Windows 7 as quickly as possible, otherwise fall back to Windows XP.

How can this project help you?   I can help you in one of three ways:
  1. Do-It-Yourself - Use the DIY page to diagnose your troubles.  With a little confidence you can probably fix it yourself, albeit a bit slower than someone with some experience... but experience has to come from somewhere, right?
  2. Remote Session -  If you have internet connectivity (you do if you are reading this from your own computer), I will supply you with a program to initiate a remote session.  During this remote session I will be able to see exactly what you see on your computer screen, just as if I were in the same room with you. During the session (and ONLY during the session) I will be able to control mouse and keyboard input on your PC so I can troubleshoot your system for you. 
  3. Service Calls - If you are within my service area, and you cannot be fully served by a remote session (i.e. hardware support, lack of internet connection) we can schedule a service call.  Unless you are in need of hardware support or lack an internet connection, you will likely NOT require a service call.  Contact me for Remote Session to see if a service call is necessary.
What are the most common services The Tech Support Project provides? 
  • Eliminate viruses, unwanted popups, spyware/malware and even immunize your system against future threats.
  • Setup an email account and configure your email client.
  • Install or update software on your PC.
  • Troubleshoot and optimize a sluggishly running system.
  • Setup/configure a home network. 
  • Install new hardware and peripherals (routers, printers, scanners, hard drives, modems, cameras, speakers, sound cards, video cards, etc.) and any requisite software.
  • Education - Primarily geared for the novice user:
    • How to use software... office productivity (word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, etc), email clients, web browsers and more.
    • Navigating the World Wide Web, performing web searches, etc.
    • Tips for safe web browsing, protecting your privacy, avoiding scams, etc.
    • Open Source and other FREE software solution recommendations.  You can get free LEGAL software to meet nearly all of your computing needs.  For instance, you do NOT need to spend hundreds of dollars on Microsoft Office to get a robust Microsoft-compatible office suite.  However, the person that sold you your computer typically will not tell you that because they want to sell you their expensive (and sometimes poor quality) software.
What services does The Tech Support Project not provide?
  • Subscription service - As time goes by, and there is sufficient demand, I may add a subscription service...  but not today.  I believe most people just need basic 'outpatient' services, not 'life support.'
  • Off Site backup of your personal files - The customer that needs this kind of service would be someone running a business with numerous daily transactions that must be safeguarded.  The average person does not require such a service.  For short money ($100) you could buy a large capacity external hard drive with automated backup software included.  Remember, once you stop paying your off-site subscription fees your data is gone.

What Operating Systems does The Tech Support Project support?
  • Windows 98/ME and Windows NT 4.0 (Microsoft no longer supports these, but this project does.)
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
And the BIG question... how much?  Big tech support companies, like PlumChoice and the GeekSquad, charge significant change for what I do, but I am not available 24/7.  If you find this project helpful in any way, please make a donation.  The family will appreciate it.

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Suggested Donations
  • $35/hr for Remote Assistance
  • $55/hr for Service Calls
The Tech Support Project does not sell software, therefore any monies directed here will be solely in appreciation of the time and effort expended to assist you with your technical support needs.

Ready to get started?  Check out the DIY section or get Remote Assistance.