Remote Assistance

So you want to get started with a Remote Session?  Great.
  1. First, you need to download and run our TechSupport Scanner (if your firewall alerts you that it wants privileges be sure to grant them so info can be gathered).
  2. Then send a support request email to set up a session time and pass along a description of your needs.
  3.  Use one of the Remote Connection options listed below. Click on the appropriate link for your chosen option.  Once we have a connection, either option will grant me control over your mouse and keyboard inputs, and I will be able to see exactly what is displayed on your computer monitor.  If for some reason the download links do not work I will attempt to send one of the applications to you via email or instant message (IM).   
  4. WARNING: Never open files you receive from unsolicited email or IM.

    • TeamViewer Full (Custom) - This custom installer will download the latest full version of TeamViewer and automatically install it as a Windows service.  This option is preferred by repeat 'customers' and by my most inexperienced clientele that want the easiest setup possible.  For this option you still need to initially provide me with the ID.
    • TeamViewerQS - Download the TeamViewer QuickSupport client, save it to your Desktop or other known location, and run the program to begin a session with TeamViewer.  Telephone call or live chat required so you can pass me the ID and password to initiate the session.
    • TeamViewer Full - Download and save this setup file in a known location and you will have two options: 1) you can use it for a QuickSupport session, or 2) you can install the full version of TeamViewer by following the setup prompts.

  5. I will open a chat window to you once we are connected.  We can communicate via chat or telephone (telephone is easiest).
  6. You can sit at your computer and watch me work, or you can do something more productive or enjoyable.
  7. When we are done with the session, I'll open a chat window to finalize everything with you.  If you have gone on to do that more enjoyable thing, I'll probably just leave you a note on your 'Desktop" and reboot your computer. 

A note regarding your privacy - I am very serious about your privacy.  By installing the TeamViewer software and providing me the required login credentials you are granting me access to your computer for the purpose of providing tech support services.  If you have chosen the Custom Windows service installation and wish to discontinue future tech support services, please remove/uninstall TeamViewer via the Windows Control Panel.

Also, if at any point during a session you feel threatened (or whatever) all you have to do is sever the connection (ie. close the TeamViewer session, disable your internet connection, or reboot your computer).  I feel I have to say this based on an exchange between my father and brother following a test remote session. 

Dad: "He took the mouse right out of my hand!" 
Bro:  "Well, yeah...  It's VNC."
Dad: "But... he took my mouse!"

I guess he was a bit surprised. :-)

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